Ms. Joanna Williamson started her studies The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH in US where she majored in both Journalism and later in Business Administration. Here she received her Bachelor's Degree in 1977 and MBA Degree in 1979. She then continued her studies at Capital University in Columbus, OH where she obtained her Degree of Juris Doctor in 1992 majoring in Law and later at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC where she obtained her Doctoral Degree in 2010.   

Ms. Williamson´s University teaching experience includes courses like Marketing Management, Applied Communication Theory, Internship, or Applied Marketing Communication Theory. She also has a broad external teaching experience in various other universities in FL, CO, OH and AZ states around US. Ms. Williamson was both President and CEO of Williamson Works & Associates, LLC from 2000 to 2011. From 2013 she is Department Chair of Management & Marketing and Program Chair of Master of science in Marketing & Communications at the Department of Management & Marketing at Franklin University in Columbus, OH. She also a proud member of American Advertising Federation, American Marketing Association and Ohio Bar.