Completed university education

at a minimum a bachelor’s degree, a photocopy of the university diploma and its English translation should be submitted with the application form.


Knowledge of English at a required level

If you have a TOEFL® or IELTS™ certificate, a photocopy of the original document should be enclosed; applicants without the above-mentioned certificate are required to take an online Accuplacer test to demonstrate their level of English.


Cover letter in English

The cover letter should explain your motivation for entering the program, your relevant experience and your expectation upon completion of the MBA program.


CV in English


Two reference letters

The reference letters should be written by your superior, colleagues, thesis adviser, business partner, etc.


Personal interview

One of the admission requirements is a successful personal interview, during which the emphasis will be placed on the applicant’s aptitudes for MBA studies.


Management experience

is not a precondition but it might be a big advantage. The MBA program focuses on applying theoretical knowledge gained in the business field. MBA programs are primarily designed for managers.